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Common Questions

Does notarization make a document legal?

No. The mere act of a notary placing a stamp or seal on a document does not make the document legal. If the person bringing the document to be notarized is in doubt, consult the person who drew up the document or an attorney.

Can you help me draft my document?

Per statute, a notary is barred from drafting documents for signers. Notaries are not permitted to give legal or tax advice.

Can you help me choose a notary certificate for this document?

Many times someone will bring a document to a notary and “just want it notarized.” They do not know what type of notary certificate is needed, perhaps because they drew up the document themselves, they downloaded the document, or were just told to get the document notarized. Notaries are not allowed to give legal advice, and this includes choosing the notarial certificate on the document. If you are in doubt, consult the person who drew up the document or an attorney.

Can a notary refuse service?

Per federal and state law, a notary may not discriminate. However, a notary may refuse to perform a notarization for the following:

 – if the notary cannot property identify the signer

 – if the notary is uncertain of the signer’s willingness OR competence

 – if the notary suspects fraud

Can you act as a witness?

A notary may act as a witness to a signature to a document (such as a will). However, if the document also requires notarization, the document will require another notary, as a notary may not notarize their own signature.

What is a notary public? Why or when would I need one?

In the state of Ohio, a notary is a public official commissioned by the Secretary of State for a term of five years. A notary’s job is to act as an impartial witness to signatures on documents. The notary may only do so within the state of Ohio.

There are many, many documents for which a notary could notarize. At some point, most people will need a notary for some type of document. Here is a partial list of documents:

– Real Estate                      – Title to Car, Boat, Plane

– Financial                         – Medical

What is a remote online notary?

A remote online notary (RON) is a notary who has been authorized to perform notarizations through audio-visual technology approved by the state.

What are your fees?

Per stature, a notary may charge $5 per notarial act performed in person, and $25 per act performed online. 

Travel fees, for in person notarizations, and platform fees, for online notarizations, are charges in addition to the fees charges per act.

How do i book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by calling Andrea at 419-871-8115 or by emailing her at